Frequently asked questions(FAQ)



  1.    Compulsory attendance for all seminars
  2.    Compulsory attendance in Research Methods
  3.    Students are to select two seminar topics from the list of LLM courses, preferably an area for their research thesis.
  4.    Submit the research topics to the PG Coordinator.
  5.    The topics will be presented at the PG board and assigned supervisors.
  6.    Present one of the seminars paper.
  7.    The seminars will be graded by the supervisors
  8.    Submit a research proposal ( which could be from one of the seminar papers)
  9.    Defend the proposal
  10.    A thesis of 25,000 and not more than 35,000 words
  11.    Oral defence

Full Time – One (1) Year

Part Time – One (1) Year and about Nine (9) Months

Full time students may select four courses per semester; while part time students may select 2 courses per semester in their first and second year.

It must however be noted that these selections do not include the compulsory Legal Research Writing and Methods course which runs for just one semester

Also, students are not allowed to select more than two courses from a department

Students makes choice for courses to be taken. No specialized area

Any question about school fees should be directed to the University’s Bursary Department