1. Admission of postgraduate students is the responsibility of the Departmental Postgraduate Committee subject to approval by School of Postgraduate Board of Studies.
  2. Clearance of admitted postgraduate students at the departmental level should be in strict compliance with existing regulations. No waivers whatsoever should be granted by the Department.
  3. The number of admitted students must be within the carrying capacity of the Department.
  4. Lecturers for postgraduate programmes must commence lectures immediately after the allowed time for clearance/registration and lectures must be completed within the semester, and examinations conducted.
  5. Assignment of students to eligible staff for the purpose of research supervision should take into full cognizance of the capacity and effectiveness of the staff in carrying out such responsibility. No staff should at any one time (session) have more than one-and-a-half the maximum total number of students recommended by National University Commission (Not more than 5 students) and students must graduate within the designated year of completion of programme.
  6. It is gross misconduct to solicit for, and accept inducements in whatever form from postgraduate students.
  7. Progress report on all postgraduate students must be made and submitted to postgraduate school by the Head of Department at the end of each academic session.
  8. Postgraduate student who fails to renew his/her studentship by paying the approved relevant fees/dues for two consecutive sessions is deemed to have voluntarily withdrawn from the University.
  9. The student on the recommendation of the Department and payment of outstanding fees/dues, as well as a default penalty of fifty thousand (N50,000.00) Naira be allowed to continue in the programme.
  10. The maximum duration of postgraduate programmes is fixed and not subject to extension in whatever form (PGD: 1-2 years, M.Sc/MA: 2-4 years, M.Phil: 1-2 years, PhD: 3-6 years).
  11. The Departmental Postgraduate Committee should re-assign straggling students or those with cogent complaints to other supervisors and closely monitor such students.
  12. It is the right of a student to change his/her supervisor so long as such a student has a cogent reason to do so.
  13. The Department where students exceed the maximum duration for the programme will be sanctioned for failure of due diligence.
  14. Entertainment of staff during seminars and thesis defense at the Department, Faculty or Postgraduate School is highly prohibited and any such act will amount to gross misconduct. Staff and students are to note that such entertainment should not by any means be monetized.
  15. All decision concerning students’ seminars and thesis defense must be finalized at the venue of the seminar/defense.
  16. Only e-copies of students’ seminar work should be circulated and presentation of such seminars be it pre data or post data should be by projector.
  17. All Professors and Academic staff are to be present during students seminar at the Department/Faculty level.
  18. Deans of Faculties must ensure that they send their representatives to departmental seminars and project defense. This will help stop the over bearing of some staff and supervisors at these outings.

Please note that the above regulations are for strict compliance by both staff and postgraduate students of the University and any violation of the regulations will amount to gross misconduct.