Resolutions of the Postgraduate Committee on May 11, 2021

To address issues raised on the quality of PG students’ projects and theses, the Committee made the following resolutions:

  1. Literature Review Chapter in LL.M Projects: It is compulsory for all LL.M projects to contain a Literature Review in Chapter Two.

  2. Synopsis and Thesis Review Committee: A committee has been constituted to review the synopses and theses of PhD candidates. Specifically, the Committee is expected to:
    1. Examine a PhD candidate’s synopsis and thesis through peer review and make a final determination of its acceptability.
    2. Produce a report based on the review (with recommendations) for the improvement of the structure of the thesis, in accordance with the Faculty’s policies.

  3. Professional Editing of PhD Theses : PhD candidates should (at their own cost), have their theses proofread by a professional editor approved by the Faculty.

  4. Internal Defence by PhD Candidates: Prior to a PhD candidate’s external defence, (s)he is expected to defend his/her thesis internally – that is, before members of the PG Committee.

  5. Requirement of Separate Letter of Certification by Supervisors: In addition to signing the Certification Page in a candidate’s thesis, supervisors should sign a Letter of Certification stating that they have approved the thesis for submission.

  6. Page Limit of Seminar Papers: PhD seminar papers must be between 60-80 pages (that is, a minimum of 60 pages and maximum of 80 pages) – Times New Roman size 12; with 1.5 spacing.

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