Progress Reports and Payment of Fees by MPhil/PhD and PhD Candidates, Faculty of Law, University of Benin

Following a meeting of members of the Postgraduate Committee of the Faculty of Law, University of Benin, on the 24th of March 2021, the following resolutions were made in respect of the above subject matter:

  1. Supervisors should always write progress reports on candidates assigned to them; and identify candidates who are under performing in the programme – such candidates should be advised to advised to withdraw from the programme.
  2. Candidates are to submit a work plan every quarter which would be the basis for determining under performance. Accordingly, where a candidate has not met up with the work plan or has not made sufficient progress based on the work plan, the PG Coordinator may advise the candidate to withdraw. Committee Members requested that the PG Coordinator/Office should set clear guidelines on the conditions for withdrawal and this information should be made known to the students in the programme.
  3. Non-payment of school fees by a candidate in any session indicates an intention to withdraw from the programme. Only fee-paying students in any academic session can register and only then are they recognised as candidates in the PG programme of the faculty. Thus, progress reports will not be written on candidates who have not paid fees in any given academic session.
  4. Progress reports will be sent directly to supervisors by the PG Coordinator.
  5. The same rules on registration and progress requirements applies to academic staff registered in the programme. Once a candidate is admitted and cleared, the timelines should begin to count. Any candidate not cleared by the PG School is not recognised.

For further information on rules and guidelines for PhD candidates, see the link below:

Ngozi Finette Unuigbe
PG Coordinator

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