As you start to read this chapter you are likely to be at the stage when you wish to translate your research question, aims and objectives into a full scale research project. You probably have some idea of what you would like to do, how you intend to do it and when. You may also be wondering whose support you need for it to happen.
This chapter will demonstrate how a research plan or proposal can be just what you need to organise your project and convince prospective supporters of its value. It will show you how a plan is valuable for any research project, evaluation or audit, whether large or small, funded or not. It will describe the various purposes of a research plan and emphasise theimportance of the audience to how you construct and write the plan.
Each of the different elements of the plan will be considered in turn, from choosing a title to evaluating the project. You will see that not all elements are necessary for every project, but you will learn how to choose those which are right for yours.
The chapter will wrap up with some further things to think about once you have completed your plan.

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